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TÈ Tea | TE Premium organic herbal tea created using the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Our tisanes have a luxurious, full flavour and characteristic aroma, blended to soothe the palate and enhance wellbeing. Tetea organic herbal infusions. te herbal tea. tè. herbal tea sydney. te tea. herbal tea.



TÈ Tea |  Premium herbal tea created using the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Our tisanes have a luxurious, full flavour and characteristic aroma, blended to soothe the palate and enhance wellbeing. Tetea organic herbal infusions. te herbal tea. tè. herbal tea sydney.

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Dylan Demarchi



Lemon balm is a perennial herbaceous plant of the mint family. Melissa, derived from the Greek word for Honey Bee, was once planted near hives, fruit trees and in vegetable gardens to encourage pollination and healthy harvests, with the lemon scented leaves acting as a powerful attractant for bees.

Lemon balm is a valuable herb to store in the winter months for use as a tea to treat cold and flu viruses, and has been used for centuries to improve cognitive performance.

Arabic physicians were known to use Melissa for the treatment of anxiety and depression, and today Lemon balm is used as a calming and soothing tisane for the treatment of sleeplessness and nervous stomach disorders in adults and children. Melissa is prescribed by herbalists for the relief of tension, headaches, irritability and for painful menstruation.

In recent studies conducted in Iran, radiology staff consumed an infusion of Melissa leaf for 30 days to assess the markers on oxidative stress. The infusion of 1.5gr of dried herb in 100ml of boiled water was consumed twice daily, resulting in a significant reduction of plasma DNA damage. (Toxicol ind Health 2011 : 205-212)

All the aerial parts of the plant yield an essential oil containing phenolic acid derivatives which contribute to the antiviral activity of lemon balm. 

Used in low concentrations, 3 -4 drops in bath water or as a 1% dilution in massage oil, Melissa essential oil is soothing to both body and mind and a valuable oil in the treatment of eczema and other skin conditions.

Enjoy the calming and soothing benefits of this fragrant herb in our Fiori tisane.



Dylan Demarchi

                    LAVANDULA AUGUSTIFOLIA

LAVENDER is best known for its fragrance and was initially grown solely for the extraction of the essential oil to be employed in perfumery. Lavender had long been recognised as an antiseptic and for its mild sedative properties, with its genus name coming from the Latin lavare, to wash, and has been used as a bath additive and as an antiseptic in sick rooms since ancient times.

In the First World War lavender was used as an antiseptic for the swabbing of wounds.

Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers. It consists mainly of linalyl acetate and linalool, phenolic compounds and flavanoids.

In 16th century England, the spicy smelling flowers were quilted into hats to relieve head pain.

Herbalists prescribe the essential oil of lavender flowers to ease tension, prevent vertigo and fainting, for gastric disturbances characterised by flatulence, and in tonic embrocation’s to counteract rheumatic pain.

Many horticultural varieties of lavender were developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. Lavandula augustifolia is used in Western herbal medicine for it’s therapeutic properties.

Recent pharmacological studies linking the effect of aromatherapy with the emotion indicate that Inhaling lavender oil evokes “happiness”, relaxed feelings and relieves depression.

Lavender flowers are traditionally used in infusions and liquid extracts to treat insomnia, nervous tension, and abdominal complaints such as nervous stomach irritations, flatulence, colic and dyspepsia.

Lavender oil can be used topically to relieve neuralgic pain, as an astringent for minor burns, cuts and bruises, to counteract the allergic reaction of insect bites, and (heated) to rub on strained muscles.

In Chinese herbal medicine, the properties of lavender (Xun Yi Cao) are described as pungent and cool. It is used to clear heat and remove toxicity, expel wind and relieve itching. 

Lavender is also used in Ayurvedic massage to balance the Doshas. 

In Ayurveda the Doshas refer to the dynamic forces in nature that are constantly changing.

They express the unique blend of physical, emotional and mental characteristics that make up each individual. Ayurvedic medicine defines good health by the state of harmony and the maintenance of balance of our Doshas.


Enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender in our calming bedtime blend of FIORI.


Dylan Demarchi

                             ROSA GALLICA OFFICINALIS


The sensuality of the rose evokes the spirit of love and has long been held as an aphrodisiac, uplifting the senses and enhancing euphoria.

While a symbol of love, the medicinal properties of the rose have been praised for centuries.

The dried petals of Rosa Gallica are traditionally used in mouth rinses and gargles to treat mild oral inflammation.

In Chinese medicine, rose buds are used as a relaxant, are known to unblock liver Qi, and are used as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the bladder, kidneys and gastric inflammation.

In western herbal medicine, the fruit of the Rosa Canina is used to supplement Vit.C levels, to aid mild respiratory infections, and is also used for it's anti-inflammatory properties to aid gastric inflammation along with helping ease osteoarthritis.

Enjoy the relaxing properties of Rose in our FIORI blend, 
Along with it's antioxidant benefits combined with Sencha Green tea in our TÈ VERDE.